How to Know When You’re Ready to Build a Custom Home

Many people discuss the possibility of building a custom home in Charlotte NC, but not all of them are ready to embark on this endeavor. There are ways to know if you are indeed ready. Here’s a glimpse of the tell-tale signs that indicate you are ready to build a custom home.

The financing is there
Building a home starts with dollars and cents, so the first step is getting approved for financing. This process is not necessarily the same is getting approved for a mortgage. And while some people may believe…

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Top Reasons to Consider a Home Addition

An addition to a home provides a host of benefits that can last for years to come. It is also a decision that adds more than just value to a home. For example, the right general contractor Charlotte NC can create anything from a in-law suite to your on personal spa getaway. Here is a closer look at some of the top reasons why homeowners should consider an addition to their home.

Make Cookie Cutters Stand Out

Many neighborhoods have an abundance of cookie-cutter homes that are very similar to one another. A home addition can…

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How to Protect Your New Home from Harsh Weather


Once you have a new home built, it is important to maintain it through all kinds of weather. In this article we will be taking a look at a host of helpful tips that will enable your home stand up to the toughest tests from Mother Nature.

Monitor the Attic

This area is important for ventilation and its temperature should remain close to the outside temperature. New homes built by Carolina Contracting & Investments Inc. are already properly ventilated, although that does not mean inclement weather…

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Custom Home Builder & General Contractor in Charlotte, NC

At Carolina Contracting & Investments Inc., we bring a whole new approach to the contracting business.  We have introduced the open book/cost plus type of construction to the region for new construction and remodeling projects that brings a whole new level of transparency to the industry.

Custom Homes – Setting new standards in custom home building.

Home Expansion & Room Additions – Expanding the space and functionality of homes with room additions.

Home Remodeling & Renovations – Home and commercial remodeling at exceptional quality.

We can’t wait to discuss your plans with you. We look forward to creating the dream home that you have always wanted, at the best possible price.

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Extra Perks Homeowners Receive From Custom Home Builders

Custom builders can do more than actually build the home of your dreams. They can also help you through the process, which can be rather extensive. Here’s a look at some of the perks that come with hiring a custom home builder Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.

Financial Help

Custom builders are able to work in conjunction with your bank to keep a log of costs and also aid in…

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The Benefits of Buying a New Home

When it comes time to buy a home, there are several options for prospective buyers to choose from. The top choices being new construction and hiring custom home builders. Buying a new home may initially seem like a more costly expense, although there are a tremendous amount of benefits when choosing that option. Here are some ways that buying a new home will benefit you.


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How to Select the Right Square-Footage for Your Custom-Built Home

Building a home comes with a lot of decisions, one of which is how big your home should be. Bigger is not always necessarily better as there are advantages and disadvantages that come with a lot of square-footage. Here are some hints that can help you decide on how much square-footage should be in your custom-built home.


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Choosing a Kitchen Remodel That Will Last

Here are some useful tips what will help to ensure that your kitchen remodel will withstand the test of time.

Colors That Can Change

Using paint on the walls provides the option of changing the color should the mood ever strike you. This would be a relatively inexpensive change and could provide a new look to your kitchen in the future, without having to undergo an entire kitchen remodel or home remodeling project. What may appeal to you now may change over the course of time. Adding neutral colors to your appliances will also give you the option of altering the colors on your kitchen walls to match whatever color you select in the future.


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Options to Consider for Your Dream Bathroom

Creating the bathroom of your dreams can be done during a custom home build or remodeling project and range from a major project to some small scale changes. In both of those instances, there is a long line of options available to choose from. You will have plenty of choices to make during your custom home remodel. This article will touch on a few options that homeowners tend to overlook when planning their dream bathroom project.


Why Home Additions are a Smart Move for Homeowners

The price of a new home is not something everyone can afford. However, there are other options when it comes to expanding your living space. Home additions and room expansions can bring the following benefits to homeowners. Carolina Contracting and Investments shares some of those benefits.

Custom Home Builder Charlotte NC

Setting new standards above routine expectations for excellence in craftsmanship and value, Carolina Contracting & Investments Inc. has developed a great reputation for satisfying the needs of a wide range of clients with very different budgets and aesthetic tastes. With painstaking attention to detail and an absolute commitment to quality on every job, our ultimate goal is to make you happy and assure you that you are getting the best possible value for your investment.


Why Home Additions are a Smart Move for Homeowners

The price of a new home is not something everyone can afford. However, there are other options when it comes to expanding your living space. Home additions and room expansions can bring the following benefits to homeowners. Here are some of those benefits from Carolina Contracting & Investments.

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Custom Homes Offer a Variety of Upgrades

One of the benefits of having a custom home built just for you is in the long line of upgrades you have to choose from. These upgrades can add to the value of your home while also adding a more luxurious feel. Here’s a look at some of the upgrades homeowners can take advantage of when they choose to go with a custom home builder.

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